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Welcome to AS203943!

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About AS203943

An IPv6-only ASN, maintained by Alexander.

Why set up an AS? To learn, and build various SaaS projects.

What regions are you trying to cover? Basically, Europe, US and Australia. US and Australia are up and running, but European peering is still in-progress.

Current prefixes are:
IPv6: 2a06:8180:4::/48 (Announced at Vultr and Packet)
2a06:1287:2100::/44 (Announced at Hurricane Electric)

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Hurricane Electric (LLC) AS6939

Run by a Business ISP with 24 x 7 staff at multiple locations and an International backbone with over 4,440 peers.

Vultr (Choopa, LLC) AS20473

Available Worldwide in 16 Locations. Blend includes NTT and Level 3. Virtual server and compute services provider.

Packet Host (Inc.) AS54825

Experimental only at the moment. Packet empowers developer-driven companies to deploy physical infrastructure at global scale. They have a large amount of peers and bare-metal on demand.